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How To Have Hope Today, Even If You're
At-Risk For Huntington's Disease

In 1992 Nancy S. Wexler wrote “The Tiresias Complex: Huntington's disease as a paradigm of testing for late-onset disorders” from a purely medical and personally predisposed perspective. She begins this paper with:

“The Blind Seer Tiresias Confronted Oedipus with the quintessential dilemma of modern genetics: ‘It is but sorrow to be wise when wisdom profits not.’ (“Oedipus Rex” by Sophocles)

How ironic that Sophocles would make the blind seer Tiresias more visionary than the sighted king Oedipus!

Luckily, you and I don’t have to ask any blind seers for the best ways to prepare for Huntington’s Disease, or fumble about as if we were blind ourselves and miss the mark completely. I feel a little like Tiresias in that I have been blessed with wisdom after helping hundreds of persons with HD and their families who, for the most part, haven’t prepared adequately.

I would like to share with you my feelings on the importance of preparing so that hopefully my “insights” will benefit you and your family! Rest assured that deciding not to test in the absence of treatment or a cure doesn't mean that you should neglect preparing for a future, which may include this despicable disease. 


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